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Man Discovers Women Buy Tabloids To Gossip About Other Women

Illustration for article titled Man Discovers Women Buy Tabloids To Gossip About Other Women

In an interview with Playboy, Jason Sudeikis says he doesn't think it's hard to date a female celebrity, but acknowledges that in showbiz, women have it a lot tougher than men do.

"Tabloids in general are more about the ladies than the fellas… There are exceptions, like Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, but of the nine or so people who are usually on the covers of those magazines, seven of them are women."


Well, yeah. Gossip magazines are marketed to women and feature stories about famous women. That's the way it goes. Gossip's been around since the ancient civilizations, and creates a way for humans to pass information, learn about each other and find common ground. These days, we don't all live in the same "community," so it doesn't always make sense to talk about what went down at the watering hole. And in the defense of Midweek Madness, when making chit-chat with friends, strangers, acquaintances or in-laws, it's easy (and fun) to find a conversation topic if you can all agree that Angelina should really wear green more often, as it brings out her eyes. Safe smalltalk, if you will.

The downside, of course, is the Ms. Judgypants culture that comes from intense scrutiny, and the need to negatively comment on women's love lives and bodies. Women gleefully tearing each other down for entertainment. But let's get real: Given the choice between a Jason Sudeikis cover and an Angelina Jolie cover, you can bet we're spending our hard-earned cash to read about Angie. Sorry, dudes.


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My boyfriend is SUCH a little gossip. Fact is, people, in general, love to gossip! It's not a woman thing, it's not a man thing. It's an everyone thing.