A desnuda, the term for a woman who poses nearly nude with painted boobs in New York’s Times Square, was assaulted by a Charleston, South Carolina man who accused her of picking his pocket.

Mark Walters, according to the Daily News, was arraigned on misdemeanor assault charges on Thursday for Wednesday’s attack. He didn’t enter a plea “nor did he explain to the court where he thought the panhandler stashed his wallet.” I was wondering the same thing.


Walters was taking a photo with 20-year-old Lourdes Carrasquillo when he noticed his wallet was missing when he went to tip her.

To keep Carrasquillo from getting away, Walter grabbed her “by the hair down to the ground,” prosecutor Gilbert Rein said. “When another complaining witness tried to intervene, the defendant then struck her in the head.”


Carrasquillo had to be treated at a nearby hospital for light injuries left by Walter, a Southern man who clearly has no idea that Times Square is a hotbed for pickpockets and any number of people could’ve targeted him while he was snapping a photo with Carrasquillo.

Elsewhere, another desnuda named Destiny Romero and her “handler” Jason Perez were arrested for prostitution and drug charges. The pair allegedly offered to sell a cop $200 worth of marijuana and for Romero to perform a sex act.


New York City Mayor De Blasio is probably at home with his head in his hands, trying to figure out what to do with these topless women working for tips in a prime tourist location.

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