Beyoncé’s liberating anthem “Formation” makes you want to scream atop your lungs in public places: “When he fuck me good, I take his ass to Red Lobster!!!” Just like this one man did. But then you might get arrested.

The video above shows a man being taken into custody at Atlanta Lenox Mall on May 7 for public disturbance, all the while belting lyrics to “Formation.” He seems to be particularly passionate about the Red Lobster reference, understandably.

An Atlanta PD rep later told NME of the incident, “The subject in the video seen singing loudly was detained briefly to avoid any further disturbances. Once he was relocated to the security office he advised that he was a psychiatric patient and had not taken his medication.”

Let us not make light of mentally ill behavior, but for the love of god let’s do celebrate that “Formation” is meant to be shouted at high volumes. The police spokesperson added: “The officer on scene asked the subject if he wanted medical attention and he advised that he did and was very appreciative.”

While no charges were filed, the man was issued a security warning and has been banned from that location.