Man Accuses Girlfriend Of Boning Entire Wu-Tang Clan on Divorce Court

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In a recent episode of Divorce Court, a man named Nathan accused his girlfriend Lia of banging the entire Wu-Tang Clan when she hung out with the group after a concert. Lia denies the accusation saying that although she “had an amazing time” hanging out with the rappers until dawn, it was an innocent gathering that included political chat with no boners in sight.

Vibe noted Lia’s defense where she claimed, “Nothing inappropriate happened. Let me put on the record that the Wu-Tang is nothing but gentlemen.” She also said she would never act like a groupie or a “bustdown” though Judge Lynn Toler argued that spending all night with a group of musicians on their tour bus was indeed “bustdown behavior.” Still, Lia insists all they did was have some friendly chat and that she “kept her ladypoints together.” No word on the outcome of Judge Lynn’s ruling until someone can hunt down the rest of the episode.

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fighting polish, white sox rememberer

As much as I want to believe in the integrity of Method Man, Redman, and the crew, I somehow doubt that someone would just “hang out” “all night” with the Wu Tang Clan.

HOWEVER, if she in fact just spent all night chatting with Wu Tang, that is basically my dream, how do I get to do that.