BUCKLE YOUR SEATBELTS OF COLUMBIA, WASHINGTON DC! First Daughter Malia Obama turns 16 on July 4th (omg) and will be obtaining her learner's permit and learning how to drive a car "under the supervision of Secret Service agents."

Via Inquisitr:

She won't be the first presidential child to learn to drive while in the White House. Chelsea Clinton also got her driver's licence while living on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, with her dad Bill Clinton serving as the driving instructor.

It's likely going to be different this time around. Michelle said she and Barack aren't allowed to get behind the wheel with their teen daughter, so it will be up to someone else to do it under the supervision of Secret Service agents.

"I think our [Secret Service] agents don't want us driving with teenagers… Especially the president's detail," the First Lady told USA Today. "I don't think they want him in the state when she's learning how to drive. We will fortunately be able to hand that responsibility over to someone else."

BRB, dead of cuteness, am a ghost, haunting white house 4 afterlyfe.

Also, Malia, if you're still looking for a driving instructor, I can relocate. I know all the 4-way stop rules and I am AMAZING at parallel parking sometimes. Call me.

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