Maleficent Cake is Crazy Realistic, Deeply Unsettling, Delicious

I have never in my day seen such a delectable and terrifying treat in my life. The Tattooed Bakers from London have taken the art of cakes to the next level with this amazingly realistic rendition of Angelina Jolie's character from the upcoming Maleficent movie. But these bakers have quite the repertoire of edibles that are both delicious and works of art. Take for example, this UNICORN RAINBOW CAKE.




Or this totally NSFW but totally rad vagina dentata cupcake. They are amazing. I am seriously entertaining the idea of buying a ticket to London right now and ordering a cake of Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks enjoying coffee and a donut. Or something.

Lead image via Tattoo Baker's Instagram. Skull image via

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