Male Models Break Out in 30-Person Brawl Outside the Roxy Hotel in Manhattan

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A party full of hot people at the Roxy Hotel in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood got ugly this past Saturday when a group of British models turned rowdy, resulting in what participants say was a 30-model brawl on the street.

One fighter told the New York Daily News that “the fight was sparked by a string of verbal confrontations inside the club leading up to closing time,” though “the haymakers didn’t start raining down until the security staff ushered the pretty boys out of the venue and onto Church St.”


According to witnesses, the entire confrontation was started by the Brits “being aggressively British... They were being really obnoxious.” At closing time, a verbal confrontation ensued with the nightclub’s off-duty staff and security, though the NYDN states that no bouncer from the Roxy—which is owned by Chloe Sevigny’s brother, by the way—was involved in the actual fight.

Once on the street, “these British male models started this gigantic fight—it started out 10 on 10,” says the participant. Eventually, “thirty people were fighting. It just didn’t stop for 10 minutes.”

No police were called and “a club rep was surprised to hear of the incident and had no comment.”

Oi! Either this fit British argy-bargy turned into right bloody punch-up or this New York Daily News report is bent as a nine-bob note. Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the male model circuit!

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