Male Fox & Friends Host 'Excited to Watch' His Female Co-Host Clean

It’s one thing to read about the alternate reality that plays out daily on Fox News, but it’s quite another to actually watch it happen before your eyes. Is the male host making gross noises about watching his female co-host clean the most vile offense the network has waged against women? Certainly not.

Still, this spring cleaning segment on Fox & Friends really makes you wonder in which anachronistic hell the producers of this program dwell. The clip features a little exchange between Clayton Morris and his co-host, Abby Huntsman, who was blessed with the task of educating viewers about a series of fun “cleaning hacks” while wearing a dress. And look, some cheeky rascal chose Yakety Yak as the music introducing the segment. Who says these guys don’t have a sense of humor, eh?

“Guys, I know you are thrilled about all of these,” Huntsman says at the 2:11 mark.


“I’m excited to watch you do it,” Morris quipped.

Smiles all around! Really makes you wonder how such a fun, lighthearted atmosphere could possibly spawn all those dark allegations of sexual harassment, doesn’t it?

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Meyer Lansky Sqarrs

Dumb fucks.

In other news, I am cackling with such unrestrained glee:

Dickie Spencer got punched again because he’s so inherently racist that he just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to shit on a brown person. Even one in a position to save him from the inevitable beating he and all the rest of his Nazi cheerleading ilk so desperately deserve.