Male Engagement Rings: "Progress" To Poop On?

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Are male engagement rings the next big thing? Or just a...thing?

Apparently, women are taking the initiative with proposing in the UK, and to meet this new "demand," H Samuel jewelers has introduced a male engagement ring, the £79.99 titanium and diamond "Tioro." Male rings are fairly common in Spain and Scandinavia (sported on the right hand post-wedding), but so far are a rarity in England. Says a rep from the jeweler, "UK women are no longer waiting until the man pops the question. We are equals in the work place and in relationships and we make our own decisions..Now this ring is a clear message to everyone that a man is to be married."

Because, as we all know, equality means making an equally inane male Bride Wars in which grooms obsess about the size of their rocks and get into fistfights when their weddings are booked for the same day! And if a guy's not wearing a piece of jewelry, obviously he's incapable of honoring a commitment. I kid, but the fact of the matter is that my fiance has been into this idea for some time, and it's kind of weirded me out. His rationale? "You get to wear a ring. What the hell?!" So maybe they're onto something...if women like me can get over our sexist prejudices.

Engagement Ring For Men Offered By Jewelry Chain H. Samuel. [Telegraph]

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What the heck is with this "ownship" shit people keep talking about with rings? Rings are symbols of committment, not that you are "owned" by another person. If you don't buy into that symbolism, if you feel rings have a different symbolism, fine. But I personally find symbols important, and some of them are unique to me and I make up, and some are social symbols. I like my ring, it reminds me of the wonderful man I'm committing to partner my life with. If you want to tell me it's just a symbol that he bought me, you're just being an asshole, really.