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Malaysian Woman Not Allowed To Change Religions

In Malaysia, religious courts exist to try Muslims, while other citizens can use civil courts. This causes problems, like this one: Kamariah Ali was born a Muslim, but now follows a religion called Sky Kingdom. Under Muslim law, she faces jail for apostasy. She wants a civil court to recognize her as non-Muslim so she can avoid this charge, but the court has refused. Result: Ali will have to go before a Muslim court for the crime of not being a Muslim anymore. The mind reels.

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Violet Baudelaire

Sky Kingdom looks like the best religion ever. The Wikipedia description of it is full of gems, I can't stress you should go read it enough. []

Case in point: picture of what their commune looked like prior to the government destroying these buildings. In case you can't tell, they are buildings shaped like several of their most important religious symbols, which include a cream colored teapot, blue vase, and ornamental fishing boat.

I don't blame her for switching, I'm considering it myself.