Making Fun of Creed Just Got a Little Harder

Mocking nineties/aughties Christian rock band Creed is one of America’s greatest past times, along with baseball and (in my case) ignoring baseball. But on a recent episode of Oprah’s Where Are They Now, Creed frontman Scott Stapp throws a monkey wrench into things by daring to humanize himself.


Stapp tells Where Are They Now about his dramatic and traumatizing mental breakdown (fueled by alcohol and prescription drugs) that destroyed his career.

“I began taking a prescription drug called Adderall and I went into a full-on psychosis and had a psychotic break,” he says. “It was horrific, the experience.”

He goes onto explain how he became paranoid during this time, even believing that the CIA was doing mind control experiments on him and that President Obama was being held captive by the Secret Service.

“I believed it,” he adds. “I believed it was real 1000 percent and no one could convince me otherwise.”

Luckily, “I would have these moments of clarity and in one of these moments of clarity, I cried out to my wife to help me and she did and she quickly got me into a dual diagnosis treatment center that dealt with people suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism as well as mental illness.”


It was in this rehab center that Stapp was diagnosed as bipolar.

“It began to give us answers and clarity on the last 18 years,” he says with relief. “The last 18 years of battling this disease. We finally found out that there was a solution and that it could be treated and life didn’t have to continue to be the highs and lows that it had become.”


We embrace your recovery with arms wide open, Scott, and—for the time being, at least—will focus the entirety of our ire on Nickelback. Best of luck to you.

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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

C’mon Maddie, I’m a big boy and can manage two contrary emotions at once. Creed was a shitty band. I wish Scott Stapp the best in dealing with his addiction and mental illness.

Still easy.