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Major Key Alert! DJ Khaled Is Weight Watchers' New Brand Ambassador

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

There are few people with the charisma to make me consider Weight Watchers, as watching my weight is the very worst way to think about diet and exercise, in my opinion. But DJ Khaled and his adorable baby have got that special something that makes “nighttime egg whites” appealing.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Khaled was named brand ambassador for Weight Watchers on Monday, New Year’s Day—perfect for both synergy and symbolism. Even though these commercials/Instagram posts repeat the usual SmartPoints system lingo, its very funny to watch DJ Khaled eat an egg sandwich in slow motion. It’s a lifestyle. He’s a lifestyle. Sandwich.


But I know what you’re wondering. Will DJ Khaled’s perfect child, Asahd, be a feature of this new campaign? HELL YEAH. In a statement, Khaled connects dieting to loving his son (as we all do): “Weight Watchers is all about being great and being your best self. My son is my love, my life, and I need to be great for him.”

And here he is, eating his cookie points, picking up toys, yelling for his personal cook Melissa—all with beautiful Asahd by his side.


Everyone should take care of their health for Asahd, so we can watch him grow up and live life to the fullest! Melissa! Melissa! How many points are happy tears?

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Just recently joined a gym *laughs uneasily* It was done, because I want to try another method at fighting the agoraphobia that I’ve been fighting with since childhood.

I was given one, free one-on-one training session. I chose a trainer, who was stocky/borderline chubby rather than the “muscled, Brock O’Hurn, Jillian Michaels” types. Yeah, they fun to glance at, but I found them to be... Pushy, at times and try to impose their goals/beliefs on certain clients.