Maine Will Now Offer a Nonbinary Gender Option on Driver's Licenses

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Following Oregon and California, Maine becomes the third state to offer nonbinary residents a gender-neutral driver’s license.


In June 2017 South Portland resident Ian-Meredythe Dehne Lindsey filed a complaint with the Maine Human Rights Commission after they were denied a driver’s license with a nonbinary gender identification, the Portland Press Herald reports. Now people in Maine who want neither an M or F designation on their licenses can get a sticker that reads “Gender has been changed to: X – Non-binary.” Then in July 2019, after a redesign of the license, the X will just appear right on the card, no sticker needed!

After Washington, D.C. began issuing nonbinary licenses, Oregon and California followed as well. Legislation to include gender X on licenses has also been introduced in states like New York and Vermont and hopefully everywhere else someday soon.

“Having the sticker validates my existence,” Dehne Lindsey told the paper. “It was extremely important for me and for nonbinary individuals in general. It shows that we’re human beings and worthy of being recognized.”

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It’s been so long since we made national news for a non-sucky non-LePage reason! Woooo Maine!