Mailbox Hall Of Shame: Sarah Palin Edition

Sometimes a certain issue seems to generate a lot of Crap Emails; this week, it was Sarah Palin's "empowering" anti-abortion message. So today's Mailbox Hall of Shame is dedicated to Ms. Palin — with a Millionaire Matchmaker bonus.


The past few weeks have brought the usual publicity requests (my favorite this time around was one titled, "I am interested in having some publicity in your web") and odd pleas for hookups. A standout:

Do you or can you find an email address to get in touch with Patti Stanger (The Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo TV) ? There was a woman on her show that I am very interested in meeting. Please help me.


But it hasn't been all fun and games in our in-boxes. Several visitors — presumably not regular readers — took issue with our parsing and condemnation of Sarah Palin's anti-abortion Facebook post. As is often the case with our most vehement haters, this emailer reminded us that the Biblical Jezebel was a slut:

Get your facts straight. The only fact your site has straight, given its slutty, sorry ideologies, is its using the term "jezebel" as a label. Yes, that label is indeed appropriate, and no, in reference to the column against Sarah Palin, the title's claim that being Pro-Life is not being pro-woman is a complete lie. Talk to Planned Parenthood, the slutty, dishonest, Nazi-like, tyrannical organization that lies, lies, and lies to young girls, telling them that premarital sex is okay, that abortion isn't murder, that the baby is their property, that there is no post-abortion guilt, etc., one of many groups that our government needs to terminate immediately.

You take aim at Christians. My lunatical, sorry, in-denial, unfit-to-be-a-wife-or-mother friend, this country was founded upon God's Word, not this insane, self-contradictory, postmodern nonsense that we see portrayed so prominently today by the State-controlled (as Rush Limbaugh accurately puts it) media, so don't act like those who oppose legalized concentration camps are the bad guys here. Talk to the Katie Courics, the Rachel Maddows, the Keith Olbermanns, the Oprah Winfreys, and the various other bastions of insanity.


As for abstinence, unlike the lies of "safe sex", which is neither moral nor effective, abstinence is 100% both. No wonder the liberals of the world like yourself hate it.

Don't offer the amazingly-stupid argument that says abortion should be legal because if it isn't, women might perform back-alley abortions and hurt themselves—————— as though women who would do such a thing deserve an ounce of sympathy. What's your next argument? Do you think shootings, drug deals, and prostitution should be legalized because they occur in back alleys? Abortion is wrong, and it's wrong no matter who performs it. If we legalize it, we as a country stand against God.

If you think my e-mail is harsh, my irresponsible, dishonest friend, good. Barbaric lies and propaganda need to be refuted as such.


Most terrifyingly, this message closed with the words, "Conservatives aren't without blame. If we collectively had shown the passion against abortion over the years that we have collectively against health care, abortion wouldn't be around today." Slightly more sane but no less scary is this message:

Anna, Sarah isn't the only pro-lifer. She isn't even in a political office. You may think she's running for president, she may not. Is now the time to hate her for her views? You don't hate her for her views, you hate her because she is liked, and doesn't fit your model of a women because she's against abortion. I've seen a girl who had four abortions, and she hates herself. She has sex with many men now - she didn't until she realized she hated herself. I don't want to argue the point, just realize Sarah is a world apart from you, but still a human. Do you really hate her, or anti-abortionists? Is she the one in front of the clinics with a sniper rifle? Is her right to freedom of speech not okay with you? Is your right to freedom speech for attacking, not defending? I really don't care what you say anymore than I care what she says, but so many of you attack her - would you put a gun to her head and shoot her if you could? Have a nice day :).


If I may respond publicly: no, I would not put a gun to Sarah Palin's head and shoot her. Because there is a difference between disagreeing with someone and wanting to kill her. Also, please do not accuse me of trying to curtail Sarah Palin's freedom of speech by exercising my own. Thank you :)

Usually, enraged emails just leave me with a nasty bile taste in my mouth and a desire to go back to bed. Sometimes, though, bile can be quite delicious. Enjoy:

Your publication's name speaks REAMS OF VOLUMES about your agenda, and world view. Indeed, I can see how the original Jezebel in the Bible truly inspired battle-axes, and harlots like your lot. However, for a change, I must give you a kudos for at least being honest, and not trying to hide the true nature of your agenda and world view; which indeed is clearly about DEATH!! Short and simple. It is NOT, nor has it ever been, and never intended to be one about freedom of anything except moral values.

Those depraved world views you have are exactly why you despise a lover, and champion of life like Sarah Palin. Women like you have no self-respect. You can't get a man worth anything without spreading your legs, because you have no heart, and you have no soul because you sold it to the devil. I do hope you find it again, however, since the women that I know that used to be like you, are MUCH happier, more productive, and MUCH less self-serving. If you just had a relationship with Jesus the way Palin has you too would have a vivacious smile, and demeanor as she does.

Try it, You'll like it,

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