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Madonna's Son Is Refusing to Spend Christmas With Her

Illustration for article titled Madonnas Son Is Refusing to Spend Christmas With Her

After being ordered by a New York judge to return to the United States to spend Christmas with his mother, Madonna’s son Rocco is refusing to leave his father in London.


Rocco is apparently tired of bouncing around with Madonna and wants to live with Guy Richie permanently in London. Madonna, as you can imagine, is not thrilled. Via TMZ:

When Richie’s lawyer said Rocco expressed a clear desire to stay with his dad, Madonna started to go nuclear but her lawyer muzzled her.

In the end, the judge ordered Rocco to return, but that wasn’t the end of it. According to the Post, Richie has gone to court in London asking for an order allowing Rocco to stay and the judge agreed, which now sets up an international conflict.


This is beginning to sound a bit like the disastrous saga that is Kelly Rutherford’s international custody battle, although hopefully things won’t get that bad. Apparently one of Rocco’s main grievances is that he doesn’t like spending his life following his mother on tour which, yeah, I feel you Rocco.

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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

For the record, I’m refusing to spend Christmas with Madonna as well.