Madonna notoriously (and understandably) has one of the largest, most unwieldy egos in the entertainment business, and I do not necessarily bemoan her for it. She transformed pop several times over, and inspired those who continue to do so, but—as one of the most famous people in the world—lacks a certain sense of self-awareness that regularly rears its strange head on Instagram.

Remember when she tried to turn her Rebel Heart album cover into a meme by placing the constricting black cords on the faces of other famous rebels, thereby implying that the act of recording and releasing an album with exactly one (1) bop was in any way comparable to dedicating one’s life to the fight for civil rights? Oh, you don’t?


My response to the wrapped up images of Nelson and Martin were less delete this mom than mom what are you doing? (To her credit, uh, they were celebratory?!) And a post she uploaded Friday morning made me feel more of the same. It’s an image from Beyoncé and Jay Z’s EVERYTHING IS LOVE that has been altered to suggest they were inspired not by art in the Louvre, but by the works of Madonna.

The caption: “Learning from the #art #equals #freedom 🎨”


Again, there’s nothing offensive here, it’s just...questionable. Not every music narrative begins with a prologue about Madonna, and that’s something Madonna will never understand. Having said that, I’ll never stop following her. It’s just too funny! Imagine the Carters holding hands and staring wistfully at the cover of Rebel Heart.

“Unapologetic Bitch was transcendant,” Jay whispers.

“Mmmmm,” Beyonce responds.

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