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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Madonna Launching Global Chain Of Gyms

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
  • Madonna is opening Hard Candy fitness centers around the world.

Now you, too, can get those famous arms that D&G Photoshops away. The first one will be in Mexico! [, AP]

  • "Hard Candy Fitness will be a reflection of Madonna's point of view and will reflect her input on every detail, including music space, light and other design cues." Kabbalah water and Brazilian DJs for everyone! [LA Times ]

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt visited a Bosnian refugee camp, and suddenly, the U.S. government donated $500,000. The mayor of the eastern Bosnian town of Rogatica said that he had lobbied for donations for years, but the Jolie-Pitt visit in April was the turning point.

    "I will tattoo her name here," said camp resident Goran Markovic, 47, pointing to one of his arms. After the April visit, refugee camp residents called Jolie their "beauty." But when they found out about the U.S. donation she became "our saint," said Markovic.

    [USA Today via AP]

    Celine Dion's husband says the birth of their twins — Saturday at 11:11 — was "very emotional." [People]


    Elton John says of Eminem: "For our civil partnership present he gave David [Furnish] and me two diamond-encrusted cock-rings." [Vulture]

    Jessica Simpson spoke at The Women's Conference yesterday; other notable speakers? Michelle Obama, Maria Shriver, Goldie Hawn, Mary J. Blige, Amber Riley and Donna Karan. [Just Jared]

    Janet Jackson talked about her rich businessman boyfriend Wissam Al Mana on Good Morning America, saying: "He's a very, very private man so I don't talk about our relationship but I really think it's important that I just say this: they've [the press] been trying to marry me off for a very, very long time. But I'm not engaged so I will say that." [Daily Express]

    Hot damn, Janet Jackson is red hot on the cover of Jet! [The Life Files]

    Since Emma Stone talked to John Mayer at the SNL after-party, she is a bad friend to Taylor Swift. Seriously, that is the logic here. The words "girl code" are used. [Gatecrasher]

    From a review of Taylor Swift's new album: "The music industry has no shortage of show ponies, but it doesn't often find a unicorn like Taylor Swift." [CNN via EW]

    Mel Gibson will actually sit down with Oksana Grigorieva's lawyers on Monday; the deposition will probably involve Mel being asked about punching Oksana while she held their daughter. A Source says: "Mel will decline to discuss the alleged assault on Oksana, citing his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination given the criminal investigation is still active." [Radar Online]

    Robert Pattinson turned down an offer to sign with Simon Cowell's record label. SparkleVamp says: "I am selfish with my music. I get my guitar and I play what I like, but the problem is I don't think many other people would like it." Oh, that's where you're wrong! Give the Twihards a chance. [E!]

    Breaking: Amanda Seyfried knits! [Just Jared]

    David Arquette is now a party animal, allegedly. [Page Six]

    Evan Rachel Wood is on the cover of Nylon, and she says of Marilyn Manson: "He had a hand in raising me! Oh, I'm always gonna love that guy. He's a genius, he's an amazing artist, we're still friends. Some things just aren't meant to be." She also says: ""I wanna play Janis Joplin. Can I just claim that now please?… Across the Universe is not how I sing - that was very pretty. I sing more like Janis, rough and loud." I always thought Pink would play Janis in her big screen debut that she has never claimed she wanted to have. I have plans for people, okay? [Just Jared]

    Oh God is it that time of the year already? The Glee Christmas album comes out next month. Jesus. Literally! [EW]

    Jennifer Love Hewitt is dating actor/director Alex Beh. [Daily Express]

    "Wilfred, a sitcom about a man and his relationship with his hot neighbor's dog, is coming to FX with Elijah Wood at its lead human." [Ain't It Cool]

    The kid who plays Sofia Vergara's son on Modern Family used to have a crush on her. [People]

    Toni Colette is pregnant with her second child. []

    "The best sex is often with a grenade — because she's so grateful." — From The Situation's book Here's The Situation. [Page Six]

    "You know what? I was always a little puzzled by The Social Network, because I kind of thought that Jesse Eisenberg looked more like me than Mark [Facebook founder Zuckerberg]. I don't think I look anything like Timberlake, but it's not so bad being played by a sex symbol." — Napster founder Sean Parker. [Gatcrasher]