Madonna Calls Ex-Husband Guy Ritchie a 'Cunt' During Concert

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During a concert in Nashville on Monday, Madonna declined a marriage proposal from an audience member, saying, “I’m looking for a husband, not a cunt. I already married a cunt” in reference to her ex husband and the father of her son, director Guy Ritchie.


Madonna and Ritchie are currently in a custody dispute over Rocco, 15, who currently resides with his father in London and has refused court orders to return to New York to be with his mother.

According to The Daily Mirror:

Madonna has apparently used the C-word while lashing out at her ex-husband Guy Ritchie on stage.

The Queen of Pop, 57, seemed to launch into the foul-mouthed rant as she responded to a fan’s marriage proposal at her gig in Nashville.

She is alleged to have said: “I’m looking for a husband, not a c**t. I already married a c**t.”

Important note: The audience member self-identified as a cunt before being called a cunt by Madonna.


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Snowqueens Iceramen

Calling your kids dad a cunt in a very public forum is a great way to make sure your kid can't stand you.

My parents split when I was a kid and made sure not to bad mouth each other around us even though they hated each other. Now I’m an adult, I understand how hard that would have been but Jesus if I’m not grateful.