Madeleine Albright Is Very Sad

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Madeleine Albright spoke with The Guardian on Wednesday about the decaying Jack O’ Lantern who is now our president-elect. Though she focused on Trump’s frightening isolationism, and the danger that poses to the world, some of her feelings about how women got trashed this year also came out.


Albright seems particularly critical of Trump’s threats to withdraw from NATO, unless other members are willing to contribute more money to military costs. Kind of like racketeering on a global scale. She says, “It is my hope that once he is better informed he will have a different view.”

Unfortunately, Trump has not indicated that he is capable of becoming better informed. Albright also said that she does not believe Hillary Clinton will ever run again, though she hopes another woman someday will. She says:

I am very sad about the way women have been treated during this campaign. That’s brought out some things that are very troubling. And I thought that we had moved beyond that.


Somewhat reserved, but Albright did get roasted when she stated that there was a “special place in hell for women who don’t support each other” at the top of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. If only that were the most divisive statement made in the last 18 months. As Albright says, “If the campaign rhetoric is an example, there are things that have gone backwards.”

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The women that voted for Trump is what stings the worst. If we don’t stand together we can never move forward.