We love John Webster's unofficial Mad Men Valentines, but since they don't cover Season 3, we've made a few more. Feel free to print them out, paste on macaroni, and give them to your Valentine — or even your spouse.

On Valentine's Day, don't forget to tell your spouse how you really feel about them!

Do something thoughtful for your Valentine! How about allowing her to put shoes on and leave the kitchen? (Carla can fix dinner.)


It's important to talk to your kids about what is and is not appropriate, lest they develop loose morals. Suggested topic of conversation: Doing as I say, not as I do.


Peggy's in the persuasion business, and she knows that sometimes, it's best to just get to the point.

Mad Men Valentines (For Basket Of Kisses) [The John Webster Book via New York Magazine]

[Images via Flickr, Flickr, and Vintage Valentine Museum.]