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Mad Men To Go On For Three More Seasons

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The epic bureaucratic deadlock keeping you and your boyfriend Jon Hamm apart has finally ended, as it appears that the show will be back for a fifth season starting next January. Two more seasons will follow, and at that point, Sterling Cooper Draper Cramer Price Alcoholism Racism & Philanderer, Inc will be closing its doors forever. At the rate they're filming new seasons, by the time the show ends, the Draper kids will be played by 30-year olds. It will be like Dawson's Creek but set in the 1960's. They'll have to order a special adult sized tricycle for the scene with Glenn's 6th birthday party so the 15 year old actor playing him doesn't break it. But I digress.


While fans will rejoice at the news that the show will go on for three more glorious, "WHAT?!"-filled years, Hamm, in an interview with the BBC, expressed his desire for the show to end.

"I think it should end. Everything should end. I was a big fan of 'The Office' over here because it ended."


Hamm went on to say that even though an air date has been set for the premiere of the fifth season, he doesn't believe that scripts for next season exist yet.

Many fans would initially disagree- because TV shows can never get bad if they just go on forever and ever, like The Simpsons- it makes sense to eventually end a show like Mad Men, before Pete Campbell starts doing motorcycle stunts in Hawaii, or Christina Hendricks is replaced by Dick Sargent.

Jon Hamm: Mad Men Should End [HuffPo]

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Who, exactly, is defending the long run of the Simpsons? Or was that very subtle sarcasm?