Macaulay Culkin Is Now in a Hip, Pizza-Themed Band

Illustration for article titled Macaulay Culkin Is Now in a Hip, Pizza-Themed Band

Pizza Underground, the pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band that gets to boast Macaulay Culkin as a member, always seemed like an inside joke gone a little too far. But with their new music video for a medley of Velvet Underground songs that have apparently replaced all the references to heroin with fun lyrics about pizza, they've proven, they're the real hip-as-fuck deal.


Considering "worshipping pizza" and "still mourning the loss of Lou Reed like he was a brother" are probably the top two characteristics of a cool millennial, I guess I just find this gratingly hip. But aw, what the heck! They're just a bunch o' 30-something-year-old kids having fun with pizza. I'll be right there! Just cooking up some lactaid on this spoon real quick.

And fine, I'll give Culkin some credit. That kazoo solo on is pretty spot-on.


Emma Golddigger

GREAT, now I have no choice but to make up pizza lyrics to Velvet Underground songs all day. Gyro meat will be the death of me...