MAC Instagram Account Flooded with Racist Trolls After They Shared a Photo of a Black Woman's Lips

On Wednesday night, MAC Cosmetics posted an image of a very beautiful woman’s mouth wearing “Matte Royal” lip color at New York Fashion Week. Some racists decided to stop by and make a nice thing into a very not nice thing.

The post now has over 30 thousand comments, which if you look at MAC’s feed, is about 150 times their usual average. At this point, most of them are from people tell the original, horrible commenters to sit on a sharp stick. Good.


This is what was not good:


The lips in question are a part of the lovely, symmetrical face of model Aamito Stacie Lagum, seen here looking like perfection:


It’s probably impossible to not be affected by a barrage of idiots criticizing your mouth, for which you are professionally paid to exhibit, but Lagum comes close. At least, she’s commenting on it in a great way:


“My lips giving you sleepless nights.” Indeed.

There’s even a hashtag about it, #PrettyLipsPeriod, where you can see fan art inspired by Lagum:


MAC responded to the controversy yesterday with another post:


This almost makes me want to buy a new MAC lipstick, instead of continuing to use the one disgusting tube I’ve had for seven years.

Images via MAC.

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