M.I.A.'s 'Bring the Noize' Video Is Extra M.I.A.-y

Here's the video for M.I.A.'s newest release "Bring the Noize" and — fans delight — it has all the trappings of a typical M.I.A. joint. There's exciting shots of fast cars, monochrome-clad, scene-stealing backup dancers, confrontational lyrics ("Bitch, my swag rich, can’t touch this/So click, click, click, please get off my dick") and a rave-y beat (with rave-y lighting to bring it all home). In other words, it's a fucking blast that will make you want to dance and/or tear shit up whenever you listen to it.


Time to throw on your headphones and turn up the volume. As promised, M.I.A. is about to bring the noize.

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Not my favorite song of hers, but I want my hair that color of pink. Stupid professional job.