Lynn Redgrave Dies At Age 67

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The Associated Press is reporting that actress Lynn Redgrave, 67, has died. A cause was not given, but the veteran thespian and member of British acting royalty had been outspoken about her fight against breast cancer. [AP]


I met Lynn Redgrave several years ago, when she came to speak and present a small film (The Annihilation of Fish) at an art-house movie theater on Long Island where my aunt worked. I got to spend some time with her — she was such a nice and friendly woman. I introduced myself by my first name, Rachel — she said "oh, my second name is Rachel," to which I replied, "my second name is Lynn." We chatted for a while, then I somehow fell into the role of bodyguard, a bit — she kept coming back to stand next to me when some of the screechier and more sycophantic attendees were trying to get a piece of her! (I'm tall, midwestern, and calm; I must have made her feel safe, ha.) Her cancer had recently gone into remission, but she was still suffering some effects of treatment — she didn't want people crowding her.

She had me hold her teacup while she spoke, and sit by her during the movie. Her daughter Annabel and a friend showed up after the movie; later my aunt and I gave the two of them a ride back to the train station, for which Lynn thanked us in advance. Annabel was a warm and nice girl, we chatted about movies in the car. The next week, my aunt and I went into the city to see Lynn perform on stage in "Private Lives" — that was a real treat.

It was nice to meet her, and chat about movies and tea and gardening — I don't really get starstruck, and didn't on this night, but just came away thinking what a nice woman with an interesting life, that was fun.