Lynda Carter Is All for New Wonder Woman Gal Gadot

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Opinions! Lynda Carter has them about the new Wonder Woman.

Gal Gadot has signed a deal with Warner Bros. to appear as Wonder Woman in three pictures including Batman vs. Superman. (One of those films is reportedly a stand-alone Wonder Woman picture too, so hopes are high.) "I'm in her corner," Carter told the Huffington Post about Gadot. "I just hope they write well for her!"

"I'm very hopeful she embodies the essence of Wonder Woman....It's less about super powers and more about heart and intellect and a sense of right and wrong with a goodness in her. Often times, writers really want to take a male superhero and dress him up as a female - and that's just not who she is....I'm saying they make Wonder Woman a macho Superman type character — they make her mean— and that's not who she is."

These days, Carter (WHO IS SERIOUSLY SO GORGEOUS I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF) spends her time touring around the country as a jazz singer. There is probably nothing more stupefying than getting a chance to see Wonder Woman sing jazz versions of modern songs.

As for the lasting impact Wonder Woman had on her career, even nearly 40 years later, Carter has only gratitude. Fans — particularly within the LGBT community, she says — have proven incredibly loyal. And, when it comes to touring, that's a gift she's pleased to receive. "As a performer, you can be brilliant, but if you're not putting people in the seats - if you're not making the venues money - you won't be going back," she shares. Fortunately, despite admitting she worries before every show, Carter's fans (especially her avid gay following) always show up.


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Ari Schwartz: Dark Lord of the Snark

I have opinions on Wonder Woman and now I'm going to make you all suffer them.

I don't necessarily agree with Carter here, though she's definitely entitled to her view on the character. I think, depending on the incarnation of Diana, she can actually be pretty mean. Not in a "bad" way, but she's definitely willing to rough up some punks if need be, and doesn't have any reason to hesitate. She's powerful on a level similar to Supes, and is also in a lot of ways less predictable than he is (which makes her more interesting.)

Her relative lack of humanity (she doesn't want to be Ms. Fits-in like Clark) makes her pretty fun as a character. Whereas Man of Steel was about a god trying to be human, Wonder Woman can be more about a goddess just being herself.