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Luxury Stockholm Hotel Brought to Its Knees By 'Angry' Badger

Illustration for article titled Luxury Stockholm Hotel Brought to Its Knees By Angry Badger

Early Friday morning in Stockholm, guests and employees of the Radisson Blu hotel were held hostage by a surly badger, unable to enter or exit the premises.


According to the website of Stockholm's police force, "A crazy or stressed-out badger is preventing the staff and clients at a major hotel from leaving their cars and from picking up their bags." What AFP is calling the "Radisson Blu badger crisis" lasted approximately 40 minutes, until local wildlife services were able to talk some sense into the offender.

"It remains unclear why the badger was angry," the article notes.


Image via Shutterstock

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We have surly geese at my office building. Around this time of year, they gather together and refuse to let people into the building. One just hopped onto a patio and scared away an employee.

We have to hire adorable husky puppies to chase the geese away.