Lupita Nyong'o Says Oprah's Hugs Feel Like Home

Brand new Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o was recently asked by the staff at Conan to name which of her celebrity encounters over the past few months has left her most starstruck. Considering the highfalutin crowd she's been running around with lately, Nyong'o has plenty options. Her choice, however, was a no-brainer because iiiiiiiit's Opraaaaaaaaaaah!

Nyong'o, who's a long time admirer of Winfrey's, first encountered Oprah at a Hollywood roundtable for actresses.


"It's like slow-motion. I turn around and Oprah Winfrey is coming towards me and her arms open wide and she gives me this big hug and she says 'you were amazing in [12 Years a Slave],'" she describes enthusiastically. "And it was just like...home. And she separated from me and all I could get out was 'Hi Oprah.'"

Watch Lupita tell the adorable story below, then leave yourself a good 15 minute recovery period to get over how damn charming she is.

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