Lulu’s New Messaging Service Lets Dudes Crowdsource Their Dumb Questions

Lulu, the app that allowed women to rate any dude with a Facebook profile, then changed up its services to let dudes opt out, then modified it even further so that men could only opt in, has just launched a new messaging feature that lets dudes ask various questions of women. This should go well.


For the last three weeks, Lulu has beta-tested Truth Bombs, their messaging service that allows dudes to anonymously ask women questions. Lulu cofounder Alison Schwartz explains, via Time:

"This is the first time we are doing any messaging…How it works is guys can ask an anonymous question or test out a theory they want to test out with women, some sort of query, and then they get instant feedback from millions of girls."

Only one dude is allowed per thread—the dude that asked the question—though any number of women can answer the question. Other men can look at other Truth Bomb threads, but cannot participate. So what were the most pressing question on these dudes' minds? The top questions from beta-testing, word-for-word:

  1. How many guys have you slept with and how old are you… GO !
  2. What age did you loose your virginity?
  3. Do women like abs or arms more?
  4. How frequently do girls masterbate?
  5. Do girls find it attractive if a guy claims p***y is being thrown at him left and right?

Yeah, that sounds about right. And yeah, that's spelled about right.

According to Schwartz, women on the app are taking the time to "meaningfully" answer the questions. "They are trying to be really helpful." And apparently of the 60,000 truth bombs that were asked during beta testing, only 800 were flagged. Not bad?


Apparently there may be a demand for one-on-one dude-lady interaction, which means there may be potential for Lulu to enable dating. Schwartz says, ""Anything is possible, but we would do that in a way that this is very true to Lulu."

Lulu just released the Truth Bomb feature today, so keep your eyes out for the inevitable The Dumbest Truth Bomb Questions from Lulu Tumblr.


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