Luke Cage Is Looking Very Strong in His Full Length Trailer

Screengrab via YouTube.

Things didn’t work out for Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, so Cage has moved uptown. Like many comic book super heroes before him, he’s here to clean up the neighborhood.

The trailer opens with Cage saving Rosario Dawson, reprising her role as Claire Temple, from a speeding car, before facing the real enemy—racketeers, petty criminals, and an ominous crime ring king bringing a shadowy threat to the “symbol of hope and prosperity” that is Harlem. There’s no mention of gentrification.

It is very satisfying to see Luke Cage casually rip off car doors and bust through walls like it’s nothing to the music of Run the Jewels. And this is great:


Though when he throws a guy through the window of a Chinese restaurant to save the owners from a shake down, you have to wonder if what was in the till will cover repairs.

“Um, where do we file a damage claim?”

Guess Luke Cage is too engrossed in reading an Easy Rawlins mystery to think about getting some super hero insurance:


I’m gonna watch the hell out of this.

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