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Ludacris Has Reportedly Been Buying Strangers' Groceries for Years

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Not all celebrities are as out of touch as our grotesque president. Some even remember how to grocery shop! And others, like, Ludacris, are on occasion out here grocery shopping for the rest of us.


The New York Times ran an exposé this Tuesday on Ludacris’s tendency to buy groceries for people he’s never met before at Whole Foods. The Times uncovered more than 100 social media posts in which Ludacris is spotted doing his own grocery shopping, some of which indicate he was shopping for those he randomly encountered as well.


This has apparently been going on for a while—as early a 2010 some guy tweeted about Ludacris shopping at a Whole Foods, although it’s not clear whether he picked up anyone else’s tab while he was at it.

Celebs should be doing this all the time! And not just at expensive supermarkets like Whole Foods!


Keep the good times coming! Here’s an impromptu performance Jennifer Lopez gave in Capri on Wednesday.


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Lip fillers can be implanted, hell, they can even be removed. They cannot be a “journey.”



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I’ve never sprung for an entire grocery order, but I like to buy a grocery store gift card and leave it with the cashier to give to the next person in line. One cashier really gets into it and waits until she spots someone she thinks could use a happy little surprise, or looks like they need the help, or whatever. She always fills me in on who she gave the card to and is so delighted, I feel like I’m helping two people--whomever gets the gift card and the cashier who loves giving it to someone. I’d love to have the money to just be like, “Attention, everyone standing in line at register 4: I got you.” That would be awesome.