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Louisiana Lawmaker Says His Call for a Weight Limit On Strippers Was a 'Joke'

Illustration for article titled Louisiana Lawmaker Says His Call for a Weight Limit On Strippers Was a Joke

Things can get pretty dull in Louisiana’s House chambers, so to liven things up a bit, State Rep. Kenny Havard made a little funny during today’s proceedings, suggesting an amendment to a bill aimed at protecting teenagers from human trafficking: Why not, he said, cap the age of eligibility for strippers at 28, and require that they are “no more than one hundred sixty pounds in weight.”


The Times-Picayune explains that Havard’s attempt at some “amirite, fellas?”elbow nudging is called a “joke amendment,” but it seems like Havard forgot he wasn’t in a wood-paneled basement at the local hunting lodge seeing who could piss against a wall the hardest.

“I’ve never been more repulsed to be part of [the House of Representatives],”said Rep. Julie Stokes. “I can’t even believe the behavior. I hear derogatory comments about women, I see women get treated differently than men. That was utterly disrespectful and disgusting.”


Havard later explained that his amendment was submitted satirically in attempt to point out what he sees as needless overregulation. The bill, which passed the House, is meant to block strip clubs that serve alcohol from hiring dancers under the age of 21.

Asked by a reporter whether he agreed with Stokes’ statement about women being treated differently, he responded that “I haven’t seen that at all.” Huh:

Havard also added that the amendment wasn’t aimed specifically at women. “I can’t strip either,” he said. “I’m a little overweight.” According to Facebook, he’s a married man who owns this t-shirt.

The bill passed the House in a 96-0 vote.

Image via AP.

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It’s ALWAYS the overweight, unattractive men going on and on about what level of attractiveness is appropriate for women.