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Louis C.K. Thinks His Kids' Homework Is Total Bullshit

Illustration for article titled Louis C.K. Thinks His Kids Homework Is Total Bullshit

Leave it to Louis C.K. to turn something as insufferable and mind-numbing as shitty homework and standardized testing into a perfect comedic rant.


It's hard to find a lot to laugh about when it comes to the Common Core, which (as with anything that concerns the education of children) has drawn sharp criticism from all sides. Via the Huffington Post:

The Common Core aims to implement more rigorous education standards in schools so that American students will be better able to compete with their international peers and to make sure students around the country are being held to the same measures. They have drawn the ire of some on the left, who take issue with the high-stakes tests associated with the standards, and some on the right, who see the standards as an example of federal overreach. (Federal grants encouraged states to adopt the standards.)


On Monday night, while helping his kids with their homework, the comedian unleashed a beautiful rant:


He was quick to clarify someone of his statements, voicing support for teachers in the process.


*crosses fingers* Please let this become a plot on Louie, please let this become a plot on Louie, please let this become a plot on Louie, please let this become a plot on Louie, please let this become a plot on Louie, please let this become a plot on Louie....

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I am not a fan of Common Core, but I actually dont see an issue with these questions. At this point in 3rd grade, kids have been doing multiplication for several weeks, if not months. The first question is asking them to recognize that each of the numbers they'll need to represent are multiples of three, so rather than drawing individual balloons, time can be saved by making one picture represent three. In the second question he calls out, it is asking them to recognize the properties of multiplication, it says 7 x (_ x _ ) = 21 x 7, the student should recognize that the blanks should be filled in by two numbers that multiply to equal 21. The skills these questions are teaching are applicable critical thinking and mental math skills that seem to often be lacking in American students.