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Lost: The 14 Casting Tapes That Started It All

Illustration for article titled emLost/em: The 14 Casting Tapes That Started It All

Before it all comes to an end, see how far your favorite castaways have come. Check out our collection of Lost casting tapes - including Matthew Fox and Jorge Garcia auditioning for the role of Sawyer.


Josh Holloway Auditioning For Sawyer

Matthew Fox Auditioning For Sawyer

Dominic Monaghan Auditioning For Sawyer

Jorge Garcia Auditioning For Sawyer Too!

Evangeline Lilly Auditioning For Kate with J.J. Abrams Giving Notes

Naveen Andrews Auditioning For Sayid

Daniel Dae Kim Auditioning For Jin Kwon

Yunjin Kim Kim Auditioning For Kate

Emile de Ravin Auditioning For Claire

Harold Perrineau Auditioning For Michael

Malcolm David Kelley Auditioning For Walt

Maggie Grace Auditioning For Shannon

Ian Somerhalder Auditioning For Boone

Michael Emerson Auditioning For Hurley

This post originally appeared on io9. Republished with permission.

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OMFG Evangeline Lilly. Take the notes without talking over the fucking director!

Also, it seems like they toned down some of the stories. Did they not have a network when they started? I would have liked Sawyer (as a character) so much more if they had kept the Swiss bank/Holocaust survivor scam in there that we see in Matthew Fox's audition. Yipes!