Looks Like Some UFOs Just Swerved By Ireland

Me reading about UFOs casually coming to Earth
Me reading about UFOs casually coming to Earth
Screenshot: Sony Pictures/Youtube

Good morning, everything is fine! I’m sipping some delicious coffee, I just ate a nice breakfast burrito, and I just read that UFOs were spotted off the coast of Ireland.


Yes, the BBC reports that some unidentified flying objects and “very bright lights” were recently spotted by a British Airways pilot. The pilot contacted contacted Shannon air traffic control on Friday after spotting an object “moving so fast,” and asked if it might be part of a military exercise. The flying object reportedly came up to the left side of her plane before veering north, shining a bright light along the way. Another pilot for Virgin offered that it might have been a meteor. He reportedly saw “multiple objects following the same sort of trajectory.”

Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) is currently investigating the incident, but an astronomer tells the BBC that it might have just been a shooting star, i.e. “a piece of dust entering the earth’s atmosphere at very high speed.” But I, an expert in nothing, say it’s probably aliens.



Have a good day.

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Wait, wait...what kind of delicious coffee? :)