Look What You Made Taylor Swift's Music Video Director Do

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In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Joseph Kahn, who directed Taylor Swift’s vindictive music video for “Look What You Made Me Do,” continued to defend the star and even seemingly went after Beyoncé for, allegedly, copying Swift:

“It’s not ‘Formation’ at all. They try to say she’s wearing a black crop top and Beyoncé wore a black crop top. But they don’t realize in 2015 in ‘Bad Blood,’ Taylor Swift was wearing a black crop top. I really do think, by the way, that Beyoncé copied ‘Bad Blood.’”


Kahn later responded to the interview backlash with a bit of look-what-you-made-me-do ambivalence of his own, and claimed that he’d just been trolling.

Kahn previously came to Swift’s defense in 2015 when she faced criticism for grounding the aesthetic of her “Wildest Dreams” video in a romanticization of African colonialism.

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Miranda Kerr is out here talking about how she makes sure to light candles and wear a nice dress to greet her husband—Snaphat CEO Evan Spiegel—when he comes home cause “men are visual.” And women are, what, attentive? At home?


Well, not exactly, Kerr, who has been modeling for 20 years, told The Edit that she’s mostly putting that aside to work on her new skincare line, Kora Organics, a move her husband was super supportive of and even encouraged her to make. “At work, I’m like, ‘We need to do this!’ and, ‘This needs to happen!,” says Kerr. “But at home, I slip into my feminine and empower Evan to be in his masculine.”

Kerr said something similar in 2013 about her relationship with Orlando Bloom: “If you’re really an alpha female, you don’t allow [your partner] to have the space to feel like the man in the relationship. Maybe I am too traditional, but men feel important when you ask for their help, instead of thinking you can do it all on your own.”


In the immortal words of Carrie Bradshaw “did someone just order a Victorian straight up?”


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Waiting For The Raptor

1) It’s not Bey v. Tay, and honestly I don’t even think it can be. They’re both talented artists in their own ways, they both have issues for people who don’t stan hard for them, but honestly comparing them is like apples to suspension bridges. Maybe some of them are both red? Not even a discussion worth engaging in.

2) Scott, nobody in your world has lunch with those two to “get better”. You’re trying to protect your paycheck. If you wanted to get better you would commit to rehab/therapy. I hope you do, for your kids and for the woman you’re co-parenting with.

3) I really love Sophie Turner,and had forgotten that she is dating Jonas, and I love her cute little dog! This makes me happy. Not as freaking over the moon as Katie and Jamie, but pretty happy.