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The average weight of a healthy baby is around 7.5 pounds, but even at this early age, newborn Moses William Hilton doesn’t play by biology’s rules. At 14.4 pounds and 22-inches long, Hilton is the size of two babies taped together, or maybe one baby sitting on another baby’s back, commanding him to “giddyup”!


Whatever the configuration, this is one enormous baby—and he was born 11 days early. From ABC7:

Mom and dad were expecting him to be about 10 pounds since their daughters both weighed 9 pounds. As the nurse handed him to his mother, Gina, she said, “It’s a mini sumo wrestler!”


That’s a nice thing to say to a woman who just pushed the equivalent of a fire hydrant out of her vagina.

Image via ABC7/screengrab.

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