Look At This Boss Octopus Taking a Casual Stroll On Land

If you’re well-studied in all matters octopus, perhaps this video will not surprise you. But for many of us, I imagine watching a giant octopus ooze across dry land is lowkey batshit.

Our octopod pal resides in Northern Australia, and as far as we know, this is the only place where the species can move between sea and land. That said, this octopus has not emerged from its pool to take a meandering constitutional: it climbs on land in order to hunt more effectively. Gliding from pool to pool enables the octopus to check for crabs and other delights in a variety of spots, rather than being confined to one area.

On that note, do be aware that at the end of this video, Octo-buddy consumes a crab. However, its tentacles obscure the unpleasantness; you only hear a bit of a crunch. This octopus is such a badass, apparently, that it eats crabs whole—claws and all (or so it seems).


May the rest of your week be as serene as this octopus’s very chill jaunt on the beach. Seriously, I bet this creature vapes.

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