Look At This Beautiful Sea Creature

The ocean is full of mysteries, and somewhere down in the darkness one very special creature plunges her depths.


The International Business Times reports that a group of Australian researchers from the Museums Victoria have been spending June about three miles under the surface in an area known as the eastern abyss. They’ve recently returned on their vessel, aptly named the Investigator, bringing forth many photos and specimens of all the wonders found in the void—including the familiar creature, pictured above.

The Peanut Worm is named as such because when threatened, it contracts its head inwards, making a smaller truncated version of itself that resembles an adorable little peanut. They can reproduce both sexually and asexually.


There’s just something about it that’s so dynamic and powerful. Looking at it arouses so many feelings and questions. How does it get around? Does it go up and down or side to side? Would you call its movements a smooth glide or more of a jerky back and forth? How often does it need to rest?

“Australia’s deep sea environment is larger in size than the mainland, and until now, almost nothing was known about life on the abyssal plain,” said Dr. Tim O’Hara, chief scientist on the expedition and Museums Victoria’s Senior Curator of Marine Invertebrates in a statement. “We’re really excited about the discoveries that we’ve made and are thrilled that we can now share them with the Australian and international public.”

Thank you, Dr. O’Hara, for this dick fish.

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Not only does it reside in the sea, but it can survive in a nightstand, hidden under pajamas. It truly is an amazing creature.