Look at These Pies

A post from Grub Street has drawn our attention to the world of competitively gorgeous pies on Instagram, and they’re the rare food photo fad that is both visually stunning and something you’d actually want to eat. The piece particularly focused on the work of Lauren Ko, who has recently achieved some viral fame for her incredible pie designs.

Ko shot up from a few hundred to almost 70,000 followers after one of her pies was featured on Design Milk, and she’s responded by continuing to bake and post pics of gorgeous baked treats. Really, the only response we need, but of her recent fame, she says, “It is absolutely insane for somebody who is nobody.”

But Ko’s not a nobody! Look at these dang things:


Ko deserves kudos, and all the followers she can bake for. I am personally something of a pie connoisseur, and her work inspires me deeply.


And as long as we’re looking at pretty pies, check out Karin Pfeiff Boschek, another Instagram baker whose specialty is elaborate crusts:


But just clicking on the #pieart tag on Instagram will quickly introduce you to all sorts of bakers who aren’t famous (yet), but who make masterpieces that soothe the soul and tease the tongue:


Ahh. That was nice.

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I feel like we need a daily post about the joys in this world to distract us all from the constant raging dumpster fire of reality.

This pie post was perfect.