Look at These Cute as Hell Plus-Size Swimsuits

Style blogger GabiFresh just debuted another collection with Swimsuits for All and it looks great and now you’re yearning for summer—my bad.

You might remember Gabi Gregg as the blogger who helped render the phrase “bikini body” permanently passé with her advocacy for the fatkini. She followed it up with a hugely popular Swimsuits for All collection in 2013, which sold out damn near instantly. And now she’s back. This batch has names like “The Empress,” “The Queen,” “The Duchess,” and “The Tsarina.” God, don’t you feel regal already?


“I give my input when it comes to fit and what I would like to change, like moving a waistline up, or if a torso needs to be longer,” she told Refinery 29. And when you actually involve a plus-size customer in design, it shows—these look like they’ll actually stay where they’re supposed to. Plus they go to an G/H cup, too.

Gregg models several of the looks here; while you’re distracted, I’ll be snatching up every one of those bikinis.

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