Look At My Goth Daughter, Who Showed Up to Prom in a Coffin

Screenshot via NJ.com
Screenshot via NJ.com

Teen trends come and go. One day the kids are into Myspace and then it’s Snapchat. Pop punk fades into meme rap. But what’s the one thing teens will never stop loving and being exceptionally good at? Being Goth AF.

In a stunning move of Goth AF teendom, 17-year-old Megan Flaherty, who I’ve decided to adopt as my daughter immediately upon starting this post, rolled up to her Pennsauken High School prom in a wooden coffin. And the coffin was in a hearse. And she made her date and a friend slide her out of the hearse for a big reveal. I’m in awe. Someone cast her in a Hot Topic campaign before the mall chain shuts down entirely! Psyche! It never will shut down, because teens will be goth forever!

“I like being different,” Flaherty told a reporter. “I made sure my prom date was OK with it.” She also said the reason she wanted to show up in a coffin because she hopes to become a funeral director. Gosh, I’m so proud of my goth daughter.


While I wish Flaherty was wearing a gown constructed of 300 lbs of black lace tulle complete with a veil, she does look nice in her blue gown. Almost like a normie who is keeping her darkness on the inside. Which is, somehow, even more goth. Go Megan!

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1. The coffin lid was open

2. She smiled upon exiting the coffin.

3. The flowers weren’t dead.

Not Goth enough.