Would I look good in this? No? Fine.
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Actor, writer, and perpetual fave Gabrielle Union showed up to the Tuesday premiere of her new movie Breaking In (which she also produced) wearing a look from Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2018 collection that included, as part of its three bold and eye-popping pieces, a very cool hat that I would like to wear but would no-doubt look several hundred times worse in than Ms. Union.

The bolero-ish hat was all-black, save for a teal underside that complemented her crumpled, billowy silk top, which she tucked into a pair of wide-legged, wool, mustard pants. Look at her:

This is the sartorial third home run in just about a week for Union and her stylist Thomas Christos, who have been working together for about two years.

A week or two of Gabrielle Union
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Back in 2017, Union praised Christos for his eagerness to push her out of her clothing-related comfort zone, saying he gave her the “freedom” to explore more fashionable looks.


“With [Thomas], I took the handcuffs off,” she told Vogue. “I’m like, ‘Let’s go! Let’s just go and see what we can discover!’ and it’s been so much fun.”