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Image via YouTube.

Back in July, it was reported that Donald Trump had nominated yet another man plucked straight from this musical number in Pocahontas for an important job that he is not remotely qualified for. This one’s name is Sam Clovis, a climate change denier and non-scientist up for the USDA’s “chief scientist” post, which requires Senate confirmation.


CNN’s KFile reported last week that Clovis, currently the Dept. of Agriculture’s senior White House advisor, had written blog posts referring to black leaders as “race traders” and Obama as a “Maoist,” but apparently there is a whole lot more crap where that came from—from birtherism to some real weird theories on climate change, Sam Clovis’ brain, if it were drawn cartoon-style, would be stuffed with marshmallow goo and blinking question marks. From the latest KFile report:

In a 2013 episode of “Impact with Sam Clovis,” Clovis called Holder “a racist black” and Perez “a racist Latino.”

“This goes right in line with Tom Perez who is a racist Latino and goes to (inaudible) who is a racist Latino, Eric Holder who is a racist black,” according to a transcript of the show obtained by CNN’s KFile.

Clovis similarly labeled Holder “a racist bigot” in a blog post from April 2012. Clovis doesn’t make clear in either instance why he believes Holder and Perez are racist.

Want more? Clovis also has a fascinating theory that the term “climate change” is derived from some kind of socialist conspiracy to make every part of the planet have the same weather. That’s a new one!

Clovis told Iowa radio host Jan Mickelson in June 2013 that climate change wasn’t settled science and argued that progressives changed the term from “global warming” to “climate change” to imply they were going to create the ideal climate around the world.

“What we have to examine is how the language changes, and when you start to go away from ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change,’ this goes right into the heart of progressive thinking because what it says, or what the implication is, is that somehow the progressives are going to figure out a way to create the ideal climate in all regions of the earth,” he said. “And so how nonsensical is that?”

Indeed, Sam Clovis. It is very nonsensical.

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