A group of seniors from Commack High School in Long Island are in trouble after tweeting out a photo of themselves in homemade t-shirts spelling out "R-A-P-E-?," followed by another photo that includes an additional teen (likely a boy dressed in drag), bound with duct tape and laid at their feet, with the t-shirts changed to read "R-A-P-E."

If the joke's lost on you, allow me to explain: First the boys pose the question "did we rape someone?" and then provide the evidence (the "girl") and answer ("Yeah, bruh. We totally did.) I'll wait for your laughter to subside before I continue.

In a statement, Commack school officials said that "the district is appalled at the inappropriate posting on social media and will be addressing this serious matter with students who were involved and their parents." According to Newsday, the school planned on discussing the issue with the group of students on Friday morning.

Mewhile, one of the unnamed teens excused their behavior, saying that they were "just fooling around." Another student involved apologized on Twitter, stating that the joke was "a dumb mistake," then deleting his account.


C'mon, kids: You organized a time to all wear black t-shirts. You bought gold duct tape and used it to spell out "rape" on your clothing. One of your friends agreed to be the "victim." Thought went into this. So let's not pretend that you thought that this was anything but hilarious until you realized that you were going to get in trouble from it.

There is some good news here. Your "R-A-P-E" tees can easily be rearranged to read "R-E-A-P" — as in "reap what you sow."

Image via Twitter