London Fashion Week Hosted a Big, Splashy Plus-Size Runway Show

Here's a milestone: This year's London Fashion Week included a real-deal plus-size runway show for the brand Evans. Which is even more remarkable when you consider they're the UK equivalent of Lane Bryant. Maybe the plus-size corporate motherships really are catching on!


According to Women's Wear Daily, the show was the brainchild of Sir Philip Green, who runs the company that owns both Evans and Topshop. Featured were both in-house looks and works from designers who're doing capsule collections for the brand, such as Clements Ribeiro. The result was a mixed bag—some of the looks are quite lovely:

Not sure what they were thinking with those sparkly visors, but I see several pieces I'd go to the trouble of ordering.

Others weren't quite as appealing:


The edgiest looks I'm not entirely sure how to evaluate because unfortunately I don't have any upcoming vacations planned on space stations orbiting Jupiter, more's the pity:


"This is a big and important part of the market, and we need to be seen to embrace it. You cannot ignore the market place," Green told WWD after the show. "And you can't be defensive about it, or apologize about [plus-size fashion]. Why should the category be any different from petite?" Then how about we get some plus-sizes over at Topshop, or at least some Topshop pieces in Evans? Hmmm?

Photos via Getty.

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