Lola Kirke's 'Fuck Paul Ryan' Pin Was the Best Accessory at the Golden Globes

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Sunday night on the Golden Globes red carpet, Mozart in the Jungle’s Lola Kirke stunned in an embroidered soft pink Andrew Gn gown, complemented by the most gorgeous of accessories—a small button reading “FUCK PAUL RYAN” as a message to the Speaker of the House who is dead set on defunding healthcare provider Planned Parenthood.

The button was small and matched the color of her dress, playing into the upheld rule of fashion that you must wear the outfit—or political statement—and not let the outfit wear you. So demure and delicate was the badge, in fact, that blink and you were likely to miss it.




Asked what she was wearing, Kirke told

“I’m wearing a Fuck Paul Ryan pin. Paul Ryan is talking about defunding Planned Parenthood. I think that, along with a number of other decisions that are being talked about being made by the new administration, is atrocious. As a person with a platform, no matter what size it is, I think it’s important to share your views and maybe elevate people that might agree with you, that maybe won’t feel like they can have the same voice. My body my choice, your body your choice.”


Kirke wasn’t the only one to wear the season’s hottest trend. Transparent creator Jill Soloway was also seen sporting a “FUCK PAUL RYAN” button, hers in hot pink:


Will this, like liquid metallics and architectural bodices, continue to make an appearance throughout award season? We can only hope.

And by the way, fuck Paul Ryan.

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