Lizzo's Thong Dress Is Both Fine and an Unhygienic Nightmare

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On Sunday night, while watching the Los Angeles Lakers play the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Staples Center in LA, Lizzo went full Lizzo: she wore a black t-shirt dress with the buttocks removed to reveal her bare cheeks, a black thong, and black fishnet stockings. When cheerleaders did a routine to her hit song “Juice,” the singer jumped up and proceeded to twerk on the Jumbotron. Naturally, there were opinions, mostly stemming from two modes of thinking: there were those who thought anyone mad about her exposed tuchus were being fatphobic, and there were those who believed people should recognize that Lizzo can “get away” with dressing in this fashion because she’s a big woman and everything she does is immediately dubbed “good” and “sex positive.” Both opinions are short-sighted and stupid.


Here’s the truth: the dress is a cool, good, fun look. She should be able to trot around with her butt out at a family-friendly event; Americans could stand to be less prudish. However, I cannot stop thinking about her exposed ass and... other sensitive areas... sitting on a stadium seat. That shit is so gross! Maybe she placed a jacket underneath her booty? I can only hope someone reminded her to protect her vagine?

Maybe next time Lizzo could consider keeping the Instagram outfit on Instagram and not on the streets. You know, for her health.

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I think about this ALL the time when seeing women with short shorts sitting on subway seats.