Lizzie Borden's Potentially Haunted Second Home Is for Sale

Image via AP
Image via AP

If you’ve been considering purchasing a house in Fall River, Massachusetts, home to several lovely ponds and the site of two gruesome 19th century murders, there’s a fourteen-room Queen Anne Victorian currently on sale for a mere $799,000. The home once belonged to Lizzie Borden, famously tried and acquitted for the aforementioned murders, so in addition to eight bedrooms, a parlor, and vintage appliances, the new owner gets some bragging rights. Sadly, the house has not had any recent reported ghost sightings, but interested parties might be able to find a few errant spirits if they look hard enough.


According to The New York Times, Borden and her sister, Emma Borden, purchased the 3,935 square foot mansion in 1893, just a year after their father and stepmother were brutally axe murdered at a different Fall River home. Borden was accused of committing the murders and her subsequent, sensationalized trial became a national news story. She and her sister moved into the now-on-sale house, which they named Maplecroft, after she was acquitted, and she lived in it until she died in 1927, whereupon her funeral was held there, according to The Herald News.

Though Maplecroft doesn’t harbor the same morbid curiosity as the nearby Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast, where the infamous murders were committed and several ghosts reportedly roam, it is somewhat suspect that it’s had a number of owners and undergone a number of price reductions in the years since Borden’s death. Still, the property does have six fireplaces, so.



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$800,000 for a house. Damn. Remember when the middle class had a chance?