Artist Joanna Parent snapped a few pictures at the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, and when she looked at them later she saw the shadow of a figure. Scary! But it gets even spookier, wooooOOOOooooo.

In an interview with the Penobscot Bay Pilot, she pulled up the images and it appeared that Lizzie Borden’s ghost, or some other haunted spirit, had entered Parent’s computer and messed with iPhoto. The images were changed. Here’s the original:

Here’s the update:

You can see there’s a black bar reflected in the mirror that seems to have jumped locations in the time Parent posted it to Facebook to when she shared the pictures with a local news reporter:


The photo was taken in the bedroom where Borden’s stepmother Abby was killed, and the mirror has given many a guest uneasy nights. Says co-owner Lee-Ann Wilber:

It’s an old, old mirror. People think they see stuff in it all of the time... Depending on how you’re standing, you won’t see any anomalies in the mirror unless you take the picture from an angle. We’ve had plenty of pictures that were taken several years ago that can’t be explained, however, by a gentlemen by the name of Glenn Teza, a psychic and spiritual healing teacher from New Jersey. His photos show a mist figure and were taken with Instant Poloroid film and there is absolutely no way to mess with that film.

Wilber also confirmed that the bar is a reflection of a vent in the ceiling, so it’s not the ghost trying to censor itself. Look, I don’t know if ghosts are real, but when I’m changing my clothes I try to really put on a show. Just in case.


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